The commune of Ciechanowiec (county Wysokie Mazowieckie; province Podlaskie) occupies the area of 201 km 2 and has 9570 inhabitants. It is located in the Mazowiecko-Podlaski Lowland being the eastern part of the Great Valleys Region bordering Siedlce Heights to the south and Bielsk Heights to the East which is the water divide between the Narew and the Bug rivers.

The commune is agricultural with all necessary conditions for development of tourism and agriculturism. The country areas of Wojtkowice-Glinna, Wojtkowice-Dady, Wojtkowice Stare, Tworkowice and Kozarze have a very good microclimate with an access to the swimming waters of the rivers Bug and Nurzec. The biggest value is closeness to natural landscape. Forests, grasslands and rivers occupy 31,6 % of the commune area. The rivers of Bug and Nurzec belong to the third class of cleanliness. Both of the rivers are very good for fishing. Lowland character of the rivers, a sluggish stream and the numerous dunes make for a very good fishing place.

Unique Ciechanowiec advantages are supporting investments both in the tourist, as well as farm and food business. The commune of Ciechanowiec is opened for investors and thinking about them it is creating the industrial estate - a road infrastructure and a division of the land are being planned. For efforts in raising union money the local government receive the honorable title of the "European commune - European City" in the ranking of the Ministry of the Regional Development and "Gazeta Prawna ".

The town of Ciechanowiec is located 130 km away from Warsaw at the touristic route to Białowieża in the Territory of Preserved Landscape of the Valley of the Bug and Nurzec Rivers. The main values: perfect sitting over the Nurzec river, a lot of monuments and cultural events such as Podlaskie Święto Chleba - Bread Festival, Ligawki - the competition of the folk shepherd instruments: Zajazd Wysokomazowiecki - history of gentry on live, Wianki na Nurcu - Wreaths on the Nurzec, Zawody w Powożeniu Zaprzęgami Konnymi - a competition of horse carriages.

One can come here for vacations or summer and winter holidays. Green Schools are organized here too, as well as sports and recreation meetings, sports camps etc.